• 2 hours after tattoo session is completed, wash with warm water and a clean paper towel from top to bottom.

    • SUPER IMPORTANT: NO SOAP!! Soap is not intended for internal medicine, and so should not be applied to a fresh tattoo.

  • Allow to dry out for 48 hours without applying anything to it.

    • You may shower in the meantime and your tattoo may get wet, but AVOID prolonged exposure to hot, steamy showers. No washing of the tattoo area, submerging in water, or towel drying. Allow to air dry after showering

  • After 48 hours, you may use a small (pea-sized) amount of plain, unscented, white lotion - ONLY when it feels dry, tight and uncomfortable.

    • SUPER IMPORTANT: Use ONLY when it feels tight and uncomfortable. There is no regiment to applying lotion, and it should be used sparingly.

      • Please know that it is YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM which heals your tattoo. What you put on it is purely for comfort and IS NOT A HEALING METHOD.

    • If the tattoo and surrounding area are swollen after 48 hours, allow it to dry out longer. You may take ibuprofen for swelling. Sleep and being horizontal work well, too.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing if the tattooed area must be covered. We suggest white cotton fabric, as it has no bacteria in the dying process.




We guarantee the quality of our work and longevity of your tattoo IF YOU FOLLOW OUR AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS. Should you choose to stray from our instructions, we are not responsible or accountable for your tattoo potentially healing improperly.


*Sun exposure will bleach your tattoo.

*Catching a tan = damaging your tattoo and skin.

*NO OCEAN/POOL/HOT TUB during healing process.

*If you’re unsure, DON’T DO IT.

*Always confer with us. 610.933.0733